Merge meshes after loading

I am trying to load glb file and merge its’ meshes. Is there something wrong with this idea?

What are you aiming to achieve with this merging and what do you need to do with mesh materials when merging?

I noticed, that when I load this model when it is a single mesh (merged in Blender), I achieve more fps. I do not need materials for this model.

OK. I might be wrong with my idea :slightly_smiling_face: . But, anyway, is there any suggestions how to fix my model to make it more responsive. Here is model after it went through Blender :smiley:

Considering the fact that your non-merged model has 7381 meshes, the last version is much lighter and easier for rendering. But there are still 72 meshes and most of them also could be merged. Do you need to do it programmatically or there is some chance to do it in Blender? I ask it because if you can edit your model you can also get rid of all materials except one and save model size and loading time.
If you still want to do it programatically there is a lot of forum threads on this topic with ready to use PGs - Search results for 'merge' - Babylon.js

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