Optimizing scene having multiple .glb/.gltf model

Hello guys, Glad to meet you again. I’m using multiple models in my scene which is dipping the FPS of the scene. One of the models from them has a large number of vertices. I’ve explored various solutions but till now facing but issue. The good thing about these models is that they are static I don’t want any movement on them.
I explored the instance method also but I’m pretty confused that how can I use it because my model has different meshes.
Even I used the assets container method too but that makes some rise in FPS but not so much high. I tried Draco compression in my model now my biggest model is 6 MB it increases loading speed but how can I optimize vertices and other things so that it will rise up to 40 FPS? Now It is 14 FPS.

Basically, there are only two things that destroy the fps, draw call and the faces. Too many draw calls will destroy cpu and too many faces will destroy will destroy gpu. You can use inspector to see what effect more. And I remember there is a link that tells you things about optimize, you can search it in the doc.

This might also show you some optim tricks you could try to apply Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

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Also, if you have textures on the objects, try not to go too crazy, 1k-2k resolution should be the maximum you wanna go. But yeah, optimizing the objects in 3D software is the best approach if possible, but you also could use some of the tricks posted above, like freezing active meshes, matrix freeze etc…

If you have objects constructed from many smaller meshes, try merging them. This will effectively reduce number of drawCalls in your scene. Of course that’s not always possible, but check it out.

I’ve used these ways .

Yeah ok … I’ll go through this. Even I used some of these techniques but yeah might play with some of them more.

Thanks again :blush:

Thanks all, I am glad and got one awesome way to optimize which is merging all the meshes of the .gltf/b model in blender.
This increased fps from 9 fps to something 38-40 fps.