Mesh Culling Strategy Documentation Inaccuracy

Hi everyone. I think there is inaccuracy here: Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation, where it says that by default Babylon applies the most accurate test for mesh culling strategy, whereas judging by the source code of AbstractMesh.js _this.cullingStrategy = AbstractMesh.CULLINGSTRATEGY_BOUNDINGSPHERE_ONLY; and release notes for v4.1.0 What's New | Babylon.js Documentation, Babylon uses less accurate strategy by default.

Can someone fix the docs please, cause it’s a bit confusing at first))
P.s. sorry if I put this request in the wrong category.

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pinging @PirateJC

Hey @IT-REX!

Thanks for bring this to our attention.

How would you feel about putting in a Pull Request with suggested changes?

@PirateJC I would be happy to do so) I will create PR later today.


Awesome!!! Thank YOU!!!