Mesh draw only when size is reduced

i create a mesh with “vertexData” and “applyToMesh”. Mesh won’t show, but if i reduce it by 10 times everything works fine. but I need to show mesh in original size.

I have already tried to change maxZ and minZ in the camera. It didn’t help

what is the problem?

scaling 1.0 :

scaling 0.1:

Hard if not impossible to tell since we don’t even know where the camera and the pivot of the mesh are.
Possible to have a PG?

Edit: Forgot the warm welcoming to our Community :smiley: You know how to set-up a Playground and Import assets in playground, do you?

I think the camera is inside the mesh when at scale 1.0 and reducing it make it show.
Try to increase from 0.1 to 1.0 gradually to test that.