Mesh Particle Systems

I’m experimenting with the particle systems in Babylon and I’m trying to figure out how to replicate the particle system I created for this game: Lift Off! by CGCookie. In Unity, I can create a particle system that uses a basic mesh. So each particle could be a cube, sphere, or something similar.

I know BabylonJS has the SPS, but from what I saw in the documentation it’s used for replicating static particle effects like an asteroid field. Is it possible to create a moving particle system using meshes? So the effect I’m trying to replicate is a smoke and fire afterburner effect that uses cubes or low poly spheres to mimic a “thick” looking particle effect.

I’m sure I could replicate this effect using 2D sprite textures but if I could use a mesh in place of a traditional 2D particle that would be great.

SPS might be animated as well Solid Particle Animation | Babylon.js Documentation

The SPS can do a lot, and is prolly your best solution.

Thank you. For some reason, I completely overlooked the animated SPS section in the documentation. I’ll have to experiment with the SPS to replicate the effect I want.

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