Mesh smearing with autoClear on scene

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maybe it is a stupid question, but I am wondering why disabling the auto clear causes the mesh to smear in this playground:

I read the documentation about optimizing the scene and assumed that it is not necessary to enable auto clear if the whole canvas is painted - and the background plane is opaque and covers 100% of the viewport. Shouldn’t it work in that case?

I want to render another scene on top of the first one, so I assume I have to disable auto clear. Is there a way to prevent smearing besides assigning a render group to the mesh? I realized that it also works if I only disable autoClear and leave autoClearDepthAndStencil enabled, still, following the documentation I’m wondering why it is working like that.

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Despite not clearing the screen pixels you should still clear the depth information :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer!

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