Meta Quest 3 Mesh in Highlightlayer with WebXRLayers Feature not rendering the scene

Hello all,

I added the WebXRLayers Feature with ‘preferMultiviewOnInit: true’ in my project but when I highlight a mesh with the highlightlayer the whole scene doesnt get rendered inside the Meta Quest 3.

I created this playground, where I just enlarged the example from the docs with a simple mesh added to a highlightlayer. My problem is that I cant test it in the playground with the chrome browser. Or is there a flag to enable the layer feature/multiview?

It only occures while using the Meta Quest 3. And if the mesh gets removed from the highlightlayer (so it is ‘empty’), the whole scene gets rendered again.

Maybe I am just missing something. I am thankfully for any help and information :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will look into that, thanks for reporting. Also, apologizing in advance - it might take a little while as my TODO list has a few other items on it :slight_smile:

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