Microsoft Mesh & other future plans for BabylonJS


The recent news of the layoff of the people on the MRTK team, and the fact that BabylonJS is very dependent on the support it gets from Microsoft got me thinking.
As far as I could tell the team for BabylonJS was not directly impacted by the layoff, but I did wonder if it has impacted the plans for BabylonJS?

It also seems Microsoft Mesh is still up, and I was wondering if support for that is still planned?



Hey @Peter,

Thanks for reaching out and for the concern for the team/project. We’re indeed living in a challenging economic climate across the globe and are undoubtedly all feeling a degree of sadness for friends, family, and colleagues having to find other work across the globe during this difficult time.

First let me start by saying that Babylon.js is 100% Open-Source, and will always be so. Though Microsoft supports the project by funding the core dev team, no matter what happens at Microsoft, Babylon.js will live on!

As for the core dev team, we are unaffected by the recent staff reduction across the company and remain steadfastly committed to our mission statement: which btw, is NOT just fluffy words, but a carefully crafted statement that embodies what we are truly passionate about…the thing that gets us excited to come to work every day…

Our mission is to create one of the most Powerful, Beautiful, Simple, and Open, web rendering platforms in the world.

So in short, with the news you’ve read about, nothing is changing at all for this platform, the core dev team behind it, or the mission we’re obsessed with chasing.

Thanks again for your concern on this topic! I hope this sheds some light and helps answer your question.



Hi @PirateJC thanks so much for answering. Great to hear that BabylonJS is still going strong and the team was not affected! :muscle:

I’ll just continue spreading the word about Babylon then!


Tbh, if anything, this seems like it would lead to more babylon funding, not less.