MicroSurfaceTexture = RoughnessTexture?


So I am kinda working on the implementation of the roughnessTexture in the app I am working on. It basically needs to be separate input. My idea was to merge roughnessTexture input from the use into metallicTexture. But that’s not very optimal solution.

I found this though. But I don’t quite understand it.

I am not sure what are those modes (specular-metallic, and how you switch between them?)
Does this works as roughnessTexture? I tried some tests, and it looked promising.


pinging @sebavan

So if you use metallic or roughness in the parameters you are automatically in metal rough mode :slight_smile:
so the texture would contain the roughness.

Else in spec/gloss mode it would contain the glossiness.

You can have a look here: Master Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation

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