Minecraft Classic

@HiteshSahu : Wow! That’s amazing! :smiley:

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Hi, sorry I just saw this.

If for “this project” you mean Minecraft Classic, I have no idea. I sent questions to Babylon/ms/mojang but never heard any information at all. But I assume mojang has forgotten about it, as the servers died right after it launched, and never came back.

If you mean noa though, the engine is still actively developed and it’s come a long way since the minecraft thing. The best way to get started is to fork the noa-examples repository, and hack on the “test” example game inside, which implements all the important stuff you have to do to build a world.

The best way to get questions answered is just file an issue on the noa repo. Thanks!

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This makes me sad.

Yeah they are not as reactive as us:)

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well we are not the same people :slight_smile: Mojang has nothing to do with Babylon team. We (babylon team) reply to all questions here for sure

Ah, yes of course the Babylon team replied! But they weren’t able to share anything, or make any introductions, so I never did find out any info.

All in all it was really depressing, and I kind of wish it all never happened.

I was really trying to push Mojang to answer, I can promise you. But they remained silent even to us :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear that @fenomas ! Well, I found your code very inspirational and it’s what initially sold me on BJS, so, thank you :smiley:

@Deltakosh bring more goons/pitchforks/torches next time! :muscle: --E :fire:

It is complicated when goals and interests do not align unfortunately ;(