4.1 Release Video - Community Contributions and Creations

Hey Everyone,

As you know, we like to make a video for each release of Babylon that highlights some of the features coming with any given release.

For the 4.0 release we added community contributions and creations to the release video to showcase the amazing work that the community is doing with the engine. We’d like to do it again for the upcoming 4.1 release this fall.

So…to that end, please consider this a call for content! If you use Babylon in a web experience, if you’ve contributed to Babylon, or if you’ve got some amazing things you’ve made with Babylon, add links to this thread and they’ll be added to the list to potentially be featured in our 4.1 release video.

While we can’t guarantee that everything will make it into the video, we’ll certainly do our best to include as many as we can. Bonus points for anything made with 4.1 features such as Node Material, Navigation Mesh, Babylon Controls, WebXR, or WebGPU experiments!

Thank You in advance for submitting your creations and for being such an amazing community!


I made the short screencast demonstrating how easy one can publish 3D model in the Web with the help of Babylon Viewer (and integrate it into any CMS). Let me know if you’d like some more video like that in better quality and much shorter.



Thrilled for 4.1
Shout outs:
@gryff 's Crypt (epic shot of all coffins opening!?!).
And @labris dungeon labyrinth. Did it import? ArcRotateCam that thing.
@timetocode 's Zombies With Guns! (pan zoom into extreme close up)
@Ian_Sheehan 's awesome mazes. (orbiting)
@Necips making “cool things” - Fractal Art.
@waverider404 deep grey sea.
@nasimiasl clouds. Better than real! Nas has really cool stuff…
@MarianG 's “Truck” (better than real!)
Forgetting. @jerome (his older work is still great)
@Pryme8’s FISH!
So many …just top of mind.
Everyone pls post.


Hey there,

Not sure if this qualifies but maybe it does? Nevertheless it would be amazing to see this featured. https://gcapsarena.com/ .

I am also still working on the XML Gui parser, GUI in XML library , maybe I can make it in time for the 4.1? Will try to send a PR by the end of the week.


Should be perfectly fine!

A short few second video shot of playing a game made with BabylonJS on Facebook (e.g. “Games On Facebook” API)? Or from Windows Store? etc.?

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Doesn’t matter where it’s from, whatever is easiest to capture. But yeah, basically we’re just after a short video of the gameplay or experience.


Do we have a date around the submission? It does say fall but a date would help

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I don’t have an answer to this yet, but I’ll get back to you shortly with one.

Will wait with bated breath :slight_smile:

Hey @abhivaidya and all,

Updated news on this front, we have plenty of time for submissions for 4.1. As mentioned above, we were originally targeting a fall release, but we’re going to push the release of 4.1 a few months to give us a little more time to dial in the Node Material AND get Babylon Native off the ground.

So we’ll let submissions for 4.1 go all the way up through the end of December.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!


Thanks @PirateJC! Time to get to some work!

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Babylon Native? :open_mouth:

Yes :slight_smile: Babylon Native - Babylon.js - Medium


From the medium post I can read that webgl is not used? Will this impact performance? Maybe in desktop applications? If in desktop it will use the opengl, would it make sense to implement opengl optimizations to the desktop version or should this not be platform specific so it works out-of-the-box for any platform? Sorry for the multiple questions but this is too exciting!!


Pinging @bghgary, who can give lots more detail :slight_smile:

That is correct. We are using bgfx underneath which can target D3D11, D3D12, Vulkan, OpenGL, or Metal.

It should ran as fast or faster than a browser. It will use less memory than a browser as it does not have an HTML DOM. It is expected that the consumer provides the UI framework (e.g. React Native).

Let me know if you have more questions.


Sorry if this is off-topic, but does this mean we can use something like Nuklear or imGui?

Yes, though we have yet to try. As long as the UI framework can render a texture, then it should work.

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