Minecraft Classic


Not involved in any way, but just saw that Microsoft released an old version of Minecraft for the browser and lo and behold - it’s running on Babylon.js (v2.5?!)


Wooooot! this is insane

How did you stumble upon that?

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I saw this article: You can now play Minecraft Classic in your browser - The Verge and was just interested what was used to build it, so I checked the console and saw that it was Babylon.js.

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Sweet, just imagine what can now be done with Babylon 4 :pick:


So true!!!

Aren’t some of the Mojang people also in Redmond? Just go over and bug them :wink:

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Guess what? We are currently doing it :smiley:


Oh boy, that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

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Ahah nice, would be fun if performances are better than the java version :upside_down_face:

they should use right click for placing.

I know, it is easier to swap with right click for mac users, but I would be fun.

Or they could go WAY back and have break with right click and place with left.

On the minecraft java launcher you can go way back to the ACTUAL first version. flat grass platform, and you can only place cobblestone with the controls said previously.

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Hello people, I have check a little bit the source code and found some line of code of a project in github.

I only do this for give some credit for the work of this guys


Lets give a big hand to andyhall / @fenomas!:clap:

I wonder how he feels about this. Happy, maybe?:upside_down_face::grinning:


Wow… yes, this seems to be my voxel engine all right… (I’m andyhall on github). What a surprise!

Hey @Deltakosh, if you find a technical contact on minecraft classic, would it be possible to get an introduction? It looks like they have added some features to the library and it would be nice to find out if they are interested in sharing changes back upstream…


I’m currently working to find that info :slight_smile:
@PirateJC will help on that

Do you have a bjs 4.0 version?

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Babylon Specific feature-request:

BABYLON.minecraft…CUSTOM-MISSIONS({}); //!!!

  • Collect 10 emeralds.

  • direct miners.

  • build castle

  • defend against zombie horde.

  • etcetera.



@Deltakosh Yes, I’m on 4.0 locally. The latest version on github still uses 3.2, but I could push a new one tomorrow…

Edit: I pushed some updates, the “develop” branch now has my current versions using BJS 4.0.

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Thanks a lot
we are connected with Minecraft team and we are trying to see how we can work with you, us and them :slight_smile: