Missing Engine.inputElement property

Hello all,

on the method Camera.attachControl, there’s the following information:

  • @param ignored defines an ignored parameter kept for backward compatibility. If you want to define the source input element, you can set engine.inputElement before calling camera.attachControl

However, that property does not exists on Engine and typescript checks on it.

Sorry this is a very old documentation!
I’ll fix it.

The inputElement must be the canvas and there is no API to change it

what would be your use case?


In fact, I was applying attachControl and I’ve read the docs and tried to apply what was saying.
The only thing is I want to know for sure where should I set the inputElement and the following parameters:

* @param useCtrlForPanning  Defines whether ctrl is used for paning within the controls
* @param panningMouseButton Defines whether panning is allowed through mouse click button