Missing images on the new site

Hi DK,

All the images on the ‘Tools’ and ‘Learn’ pages are missing from the left menu (the demos too, there are no images at the bottom of its 2 pages.

PS: I access its 2 pages when I translate the site and click on it. I access its 2 pages and does not display the other (playground, sandbox, documentation, tutorials…)
This should open with mouse Hover to access the second menu I guess and be able to access the 2 page tools and learn click

Very nice this new site. much more modern. :+1:
Thanks for the release of Babylon 4.0. Huge version … :heartpulse:

Well…tools and learn are not supposed to be pages :slight_smile:
How di you get there?

They are only submenus:

Ok now I understand :slight_smile: this 2 pages are not available for now. I will remove the links :slight_smile: