Mistake/Typo in the documentation about GUI

I think I found a typo in a playground of the documentation, more precisely about text input restriction.
The PG works anyway thanks to a crash (the first input that should restrict user to number input), intput instead of input line 40
Here it is : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#I1Y5YT#1

Ref in this tutorial/doc :

I came across similar typo (I think) by searching “intput” babylonjs out of curiosity.
Example : ArcRotateCameraGamepadInput | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks !

Thank you for letting us know. you can make simple updates to the docs using

In the case of the playground you would need to save the corrected version of the playground and change the id number in the reference to the playground in the docs.

Please let us know whether you will make the changes or if you would prefer someone from the team to do it…


We would love to have a contribution @Antoine_Bon :smiley:

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