Model Load Questions

I’m making a metaverse now.
However, it is difficult to load many models and wide maps.
I need to ask you a few questions

  1. Which is more efficient when loading large quantities of models synchronously or asynchronously?
    - I thought loading a properly sized model asynchronously would be efficient, but not when loading a large model!
  2. When I import the mesh, can I turn on the timing when it’s done or check it with an event?
    - I tried to use “Interface ISceneLoaderProgressEvent” to think that if the total and loaded values were the same, it was all loaded, but I realized that it was wrong.
    use function => BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh

My goal is to load the second model when the first model is loaded and the third model when the second model is loaded.
The model is divided into gltf 1, 2, 3!
The model load completion I want refers to the FPS recovery and the model being rendered in the scene!

We have some progressive load mechanisms for glTF, see:

It’s always better to load asynchronously, as you won’t freeze the browser/UI by doing so. Anyway, a browser won’t let you freeze the UI for a long time, after a few seconds it will display a popup asking the user if he wants to stop the time-consuming process. So you should always favor asynchronous processing over synchronous processing.

Use the onSuccess callback of the ImportMesh function for that:

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Thank you for your answer.Hehe it was very helpful