Model loading problem

When I open the scene created by Babylonjs from another page, other image data is loaded quickly, but the model file in the glb format is loaded very slowly, resulting in the effect shown in the figure. Is there any way to solve the loading speed of the glb model Slow problem?

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Well this is kind of the eternal download speed question on internet:

  • Make your glb smaller by using Draco compression and ktx compressed textures
  • Is your data serve from a CDN?
  • Can you preload some data before the user starts the experience?

A few other possibilities:

  • Simplify the model geometry and reduce texture size if possible. There are tools like RapidCompact – 3D Optimization Software. to do this automatically for you. Often there are optimizations you can make that won’t change the appearance in any noticeable way
  • Progressively load the mesh. You could have a drastically simplified version that loads initially, and then when the hi-res version loads you can swap it in. Alternatively, you could break the mesh into multiple parts and load them in one by one
  • Hide the scene while the model is loading. You could add some kind of user interaction here to make it less painful