Module not found: Can't resolve '@babylonjs/inspector/sharedUiComponents/lines/numericInputComponent'

Hi friends,
I want to write a new Inpector which is working together with BBL Inspector. When I try to import components from sharedUiComponents, vs code throw error “Failed to compile”:

I use typescript with BBL 4.20/5.00

This is my tsConfig

Should I copy the shadedUiComponents folder into my project?
(I download them from

ping @msDestiny14

SharedUiComponents is not a project per se it is, only a placeholder we are sym linking into to access our shared UI elements within the project.

May I ask more about your use case ? it would help to find the best solution.


The shared component folder contains all of the react property tab line components that are shared in all of our tooling: aka the inspector/the GUI editor. (property tab line components are the ui parts that do the input or the sliders etc) In our project definitions we are linking to that folder in order to get references to them.

If you are trying make an inspector with references to that folder you will need to do that as well.
Take a look at the config.json file we have that references the folders. :slight_smile:

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oh, thank you for your reply!!!I try to import sharedUiComponents into my project :grin:

Thank you very much!!!

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