Motion Blur PostProcess attach/detach and exclude meshes

Here is the PG -

When you zoom in, Motion Blur turns on when camera.radius<11 and turns off when camera.radius>11.
Here it works but in my other setups sometimes the scene freezes completely.

So the first question: is it the proper way to attach/detach postprocess or I missed something?

The second question: How to exclude some meshes from Motion Blur postprocess (if it is possible)?
I tried to exclude box (well, it is not skinned but still it is a mesh) with
but seems it doesn’t work.

Adding @CraigFeldspar.

I don’t know if it’s possible to exclude some meshes from the effect, but excludeSkinnedMesh won’t work (even for skinned meshes) because it only disables some computations related to bones (for performance reasons but at the expense of accuracy), it does not disable the whole effect.

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