Mouse cursor not visible after going fullscreen yet the object rotation can be controlled by mouse rotation

I added a button that user can click to go full screen and it works fine. But on fullscreen the cursor is not visible on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Surprisingly, Safari works well.

Even though there is no cursor, the object can be moved around normally with just moving the mouse. But to get out of the fullscreen user has to use Esc button on keyboard. I have an icon to get out of fullscreen as well but user can’t click on it because the cursor is not available.

Cursor comes back in when I focus out of the canvas by hitting Tab key on key board.

I need the cursor to be visible all the time. What am I missing ?

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! When asking a question, we strongly urge you to provide an accompanying Babylon.js Playground ( of your scenario/a simple reproduction in a shareable code format like fiddles or a github project. This helps us understanding your situation better and answer more efficiently.

Here’s the code pen for the issues I have been facing as I explore babylon.

To replicate, click on the Icon ( might not be properly visible ) at the bottom right corner. The full screen will activate but the cursor won’t be accessible.

I’ve advised you on your other topic ( Custom loading screen not appearing while the model is loading in the background - Questions - Babylon.js ( so I’ll wait for you to address my initial feedbacks :slight_smile: