HTML elements are not displayed in full screen mode

Hi, I want to put the page into full screen mode, but the HTML elements don’t seem to be displayed.

Do you know why this is, I want to display the HTML element (button).

This seems to be an error in Babylon. In the console there is a fullscreen error.

It works like this. with a separate fullscreen function.

The concern with the PG when we put it in full screen all the interface is modified and the elements seem to break any html that we have placed.
The solution could be to draw the elements after putting in fullscreen (I guess)

If you try your code on your personal project, it should work fine.


Thank you very much. HTML elements can now be displayed in full screen, but for some reason, my button coordinates are a little out of place.

Because I used the rotating screen and full screen display, I called the rotating screen function first and then the full screen function, so the button will be out of position, I switched the two functions to each other to solve the problem.
Thank you again.

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