Move ArcRotateCamera to FreeCamera position

I have an ArcRotateCamera that is being used to navigate the environment. I also have a list of positions defined as FreeCamera’s that I want to allow the user to move the ArcRotateCamera to. The FreeCamera’s are being defined in the GLTF. How do I convert the FreeCamera coordinates to ArcRotateCamera coordinates?

I have attempted this but it is not correct.


like this? freeCamera is on the right.

Hmmm, this doesn’t seem to work for me. The acrrotate camera moves to a position in the neighborhood of the freeCamera but not to its location. Maybe the freeCamera’s coming out of the GLTF are different than those created in your playground? My freeCamera is perspective mode.

@aWeirdo Ok, it looks like the problem is that the FreeCameras that are pulled in from the GLTF have a target of (0,0,0). The target seems to get calculated once it is set as the active camera but I don’t want to switch to the cameras, I just want to move my ArcRotateCamera to the coordinates defined by the FreeCamera. How can I calculate the target for the FreeCamera on my own?