Is it possible to move forward an arcRotateCamera?

Hello, I am using an arc rotate camera to my project for having a target on an object or center of my scene if nothing is selected and i have to implement a feature to move the target of my camera in order to move the target position forward, left,right and backward of my view.

It’s possible with other camera but i don’t found solution for Arc rotate .

There is an example with universalCamera :

I am also thinking if it’s possible to change the type of my camera during the action of movement and re-set it as a Arc rotate camera but how can i get the correct target after that ?

Ps: Sorry for my english if there is any misunderstanding

Maybe can i use the Beta to determine the direction i need to move but how can i get the X,Z axis to determine forward ?
I didn’t precise but i don’t want to change my Y axis position.

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The distance between an arcRotateCamera and its target is the radius value. If you decrease the radius, the camera will move closer to the target.

This can be animated over time. You can also change the target location of the camera.

Between these two properties you SHOULD be able to create a system where the target moves and the distance to that target move.

I hope this is helpful.

Here’s a handy doc about the arcRotateCamera that you can check out to learn more:

I hope this is somewhat helpful!

Thanks for your reply, I know how to move the camera but how can i move it in forward, left, right or backward of the view direction, it’s not a problem if the use don’t move the camera.

Since the arcRotateCamera always points at a target, if you move that target, the camera will move.

If you move the target position left, right, forward, etc, the arcRotateCamera will move left, right, forward accordingly.

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Yes, that what i was thinking about but i didn’t find a way to get the direction of my view to update my target position (i think it can be get by the beta)
there is my button to move the camera : Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

One way

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That’s the behavior i tried to do !
Thanks, i just have to block the Y axis to not move on it.