Moving a mesh to another scene

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I have two scenes. I need to move the little man from scene2 to scene1 (as in the screenshot). How to do it?

I think “you can’t” or at least is not trivial.

Kindly check Multi scene sharing object (meshes, materials) and Multi scene sharing object (meshes, materials) - #2 by Deltakosh for more info.

I was struggling to do the same and find that just reloading the mesh is fast enough. I cache them when it makes sense and dispose them when not needed. I also suggest looking into Copies, Clones, and Instancing | Babylon.js Documentation for ways to optimize handling meshes.

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You could also check AssetContainers to ease the process Asset Containers | Babylon.js Documentation (

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The serialization method works well.
Here is a demo for those who will come to this topic in the future.

The question remains: how to do this using AssetContainer?

AssetContainer is always tied to one scene, and, as far as I understand, you cannot take a mesh from AssetContainer and just add it to another scene


Hey @Deltakosh. What can you say about AssetContainer?

You are right this is linked to a scene. The scene keeps track of everything memory and resources wise

One option for you would be to serialize the mesh and then deserialize it in the new scene

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AssetsContainers are meant to isolate meshes inside a scene as we do not recommend to have multiple scenes if they share resources

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So the only way to transfer a mesh from one scene to another scene is through serialization?

Can you elaborate on why you suggested using AssetContainer in this post? What was the idea?

I think @carolhmj may have misunderstood your ask :slight_smile:

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You should not do that, because after a mesh is disposed you should not continue using it. In fact, whatever the type of object, if it has been disposed, you should stop using it as its state is no longer valid.

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Yes, sorry, I did misunderstand it :sweat_smile:

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Okay. Thanks everyone for the answers! Then for now I will assume that the only correct option is serialization

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