Moving raycast off main thread

I have some absolutely massive meshes and need to find the intersection of rays on the surface nearly continuously.

I did some testing of the existing system with octree, which is pretty quick, but absolutely demolishes my main thread.

Does anyone have anything I could read on the subject? I’ve thought about moving the raycast into a rust process, but want to leave that as the worst case.

Is it possible to create a kind of avatar mesh invisible way more tesselated that you would use instead ?

Thats a great idea.

I may be able to do that for on the fly measurements, and cast to the denser one once the user stops moving.

This is for an engineering design tool, so the precision of measurement is important.

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Hi, also need intersections for large meshes and been considering writing implementation with golang, rust or c++. Did you start anything and do you want to collaborate on this?

Some discussion here:

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