MSAA without DefaultRenderingPipeline?

The reason why I am asking that is because I want to avoid loading all the postprocess available in the DefaultRenderingPipeline as I am using BabylonJS EcmaScript6 modules.

But I haven’t found another way to launch MSAA without the DefaultRenderingPipeline ?

You can enable MSAA on any render target texture you create (use the samples property).

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Can you please do it in a playground @Evgeni_Popov . Because, I am under confusion now. What is rendertargetTexture.

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A render target texture is a texture used to render something offscreen, meaning not directly in the visible framebuffer. A pass is needed to copy this texture to the final framebuffer.

A post process is using a render target texture, so you can enable msaa on this texture by simply doing postprocess.samples = X (X generally 4 or 8, the max value depending on your GPU).

Here’s a PG that cycles through all the values of samples: