MSAA didn't work on the DefaultRenderingPipeline


when I set the pipeLine.samples to 4, it didn’t seem to work…

msaa is enabled by default when engine.antialias is set to true.Is there any difference in implementation between engine side msaa and RenderingPipeline msaa?

There’s no difference, except that default MSAA is only used when rendering to the default framebuffer.

In your PG, the DRP does nothing and is a simple pass-through, so the scene is directly rendered into the default framebuffer. As you disabled MSAA for it, the sphere is not antialiased.

You should enable at least one feature on the DRP (fxaa, image processing, bloom, etc), because in that case the scene will be rendered into an intermediate render target texture, in which case your MSAA setting will be applied to this texture and the sphere will be antialiased.