Multi scene sharing CubeTexture

I find Texture can attach to engine, but CubeTexture only can attach scene, similar to HDRCubeTexture and EquiRectangularCubeTexture. Using assetContainer will make my project very complex. Currently, I load the same CubeTexture in multi scene to fit my application, which cause the same file to be downloaded multiple times. What better suggestions do you have?

new Texture(url, sceneOrEngine)

new CubeTexture(rootUrl, scene)

As far as I understand all textures (including CubeTextures) are cached and so only downloaded once.

Quote below is from Optimize using Cached Resources - Babylon.js Documentation

By default, all texture contents are cached by the engine, so if you load the same texture twice, it will be instant (and resource will be shared to save memory).

Thank you , just like you say, I find all same textures are download once, but same text file(such as JSON) are downloaded many times´╝î when I use TextFileAssetTask in the case of Multiple Scenes. Is it because of my unreasonable use?

Text files are not cached in the offline dB so far.
We consider that the browser cache should do it for you