Multidraw and Thin Instances

I was curious, would it be possible to use the webgl multidraw extension with the excellent Thin Instances to use a variety of meshes in a single draw call (although I understand that the meshes might have to share the same material).

The multidraw extension seems to have broader support now, including the oculus browser on the Quest 2.

cc @sebavan

mutlidraw is not supported by Babylon so far and you are right multidraw_instanced would do just that :slight_smile:

cc @Deltakosh and @Evgeni_Popov as multidraw could be a nice addition to our toolset but I remember we chose to not add it as most of the time outside CAD apps, different models would have different materials.

Hi, a common optimization with PBR materials is to have a single PBR material using atlas textures (so in 1 material you can have wood, metal, plastic, each one having its uv position in the atlas texture). With this, you could have what seems to be different materials in a single draw call. What would be nice is also to have the tool that generates this atlas texture and adjust the UV accordingly.

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Iā€™m not against the idea of adding it if someone wants to volunteer