Multiplayer game full-stack set up with Node/Express and Babylon

Are there any good tutorials for setting up a fullstack app using Node/Express as the Server and hooking it up to a Babylon front end?

I want to make a real-time multiplayer game where the game state and logic is all being done in the backend while the rendering and most of the rest of the game is happening in the front end.

I was able to set up a basic frontend and build and run it with webpack, and have setup a basic express app, but dont know the best way to set it up for them to talk to one another in a local environment.

I have made one or two APIs in previous non-game Express projects, and have dealt with making API calls from frontend apps, but dont really know if that is the way to go with a real-time game. I have looked into a bit and think that is what I want to use, but am kind of at a loss how to bring Express, Babylon, and together.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

.GitHub - lbussell/babylonjs-multiplayer-starter: A full-stack multiplayer game starter made using TypeScript, Express,, and Babylon.js . Not my code just searched github for babylon multiplayer

Thank you for the response!

I saw that one, along with another boiler plate set up in a git repository, but was really looking for a more hand-holdy kind of walk through that explains the importance of everything that is being done/included. I am like a slightly knowledgable beginner so like things explained for me haha

Its event emitters on both sides listening for and sending arbitrary string identifiers , optionally with data attached . Browser and server code will need to add listeners for the name of the events that you create and do whatever processing is relevant to your app. Its really very similar to adding a click listener to a button or something

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Take a look at Colyseus (and hosted Colyseus Arena). It’s very good, handles all the hard work for you so you can focus on gameplay.


@syntheticmagus is working on some game tutorial stuff, is there backend in it?

That is something I definitely want to explore, but it’s a few steps down the line. The backend I’ve had my eye on most recently is nengi.js – it has an example integration with Babylon.js – but I haven’t had a chance to actually try it yet so I don’t really know too much about it.