Multiple GUI managers in a same scene. Should I or not?

Sorry to ask what can sound like a noob question to a skilled ENG, but I just have to ask this :thinking:
The story: After having fixed my issue(s) with both manipulating and twisting;) multiple 3D gui meshes, panels and mixed reality controls in my scene (which is already fun and nearly unexpected and ACTUALLY works:) I now have a scene with a 2D gui, a 3D gui, and 2 ‘twisted’ mixed-reality (holo) controls dispatched in 2 stack panels. One of which (a Volume Based Panel - a sphere) is set to reset to camera position (on key binding ‘R’ call). Everything seems to work like a charm.

I’m still left with this one question regarding #goodpractice and #performance:
I couldn’t notice a change in performance or behavior so, in fine, my QUESTION IS:

The question: How much of an issue is it in Babylon to have a couple or multiples managers (3d gui managers) in a scene?

I don’t think there’s any problem by mixing 2D/3D GUI and multiple instances of them.

You should simply check the performances on your target devices to be sure everything runs as expected (notably with XR/VR where the scene is rendered two times).

I didn’t expect such a fast reply. You are my star of the day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The scene, in its actual form, is for desktop/laptop only, and without VR (for now). Yes, I have (tried) to build the elements of the interface and the scene with a clear thought towards VR (like the 2D gui all built from simple c4d components and basic meshes with transform nodes). But the VR and mobile version are now to come later (during the second or just before the third wave of covid;).
For now (early-winter), my goal is to try convert (or commit) the marketers and digital project managers from the brands to use WebGL. That’s why I chose to ‘twist’ the mixed-reality toolkit to be able to showcase an overlay and I guess, give them a ‘feeling’ of VR (on their shitty biz laptop computer;).
And then, for this small scene/demo, I have only three 3D gui managers in the scene, plus one for the 2D. I was only wondering what could happen if I had many more (for some other project).
Well again, thanks a lot for your answer. It really helps me get an understanding of the philosophy (and what I can expect to work in babylon or not;). Have an awesome day :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes as @Evgeni_Popov said, there is no reason that will not work :slight_smile: