Multiple link with mesh lag


100 spheres all with linkWithMesh. On my system in chrome and ffox, the frame rate drops to about 30~40fps. In my use case, it is entirely possible to have the same or more on animated meshes. Is there a workaround?

Also, profiler shows _applyStates and _layout largely responsible when the recurring handler throws warnings. Hope it helps.

When you do this every frame needs to re render the underlying canvas used in the GUI for text. and reuse the texture on the main rendering pass.

I am not surprised that it is a bit slow.

In your case you could maybe generate just the text on dynamic textures and use 3d objects for it ??? I wonder if it would be faster.

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looks good at 100 spheres, perf drops at 1000 on my sys. All its missing now is to animate the spheres while keeping the texture parented and facing the camera. fwiw, chrome is showing 34MB for the pg at 100 spheres and 90MB++ for 1000. That’s ~300kb per material/dynamictexture pair. More resources, better perf, duh…