Multiple Scenes, Refreshing Problem


I am trying to experiment with the multiple scenes option in Babylon. I am using this playground:
One problem I found is that the models aren’t refreshing when moving them around. The scene only reacts to the gestures when switching back to it from the other scene. Both scenes are using ArcRotateCamera.

I hope someone has a fix for this issue.
Hope it helps


Hello @WWWWWW, Yes! it definetly did!
Can you please explain to me how you make it work, and how the new added scene works with the origial two scenes.

Thank you!

I have not considered how to achieve the target feature.
Just a few different opinions on existing code:

  • Should not repeatedly create and destroy data (GUI) with the same content.
  • Since multiple scenes are used, the feature of each scene should be relatively independent.Make it easier to perform operations between multiple scenes (here is to switch the display of two 3D content)