Multiple Scenes with One Asset (glb) and Multiple Views (Scissors / Cameras)

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I have a query regarding the ability to use one asset (an outside file .glb for example) for multiple scenes.

What I plan to do is to have different meshes from the same model appear in different scenes, for example one model loaded and scene 1 contains all meshes, scene 2 contains only 3/4 meshes, etc, etc
Then i would be able to switch through scenes to see each result.

Is this possible? At present, I can “ImportMesh” into a scene but I feel if I do this with multiple scenes then I would be loading the asset(s) (.glb file) more than once as Import mesh seems to be for a specific scene only.

I am also planning to be able to view the scene(s) through “enableScissor” and “splitting” the views through manipulating the engine width and height and using multiple cameras. I mention this to give more context.

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Hey you can maybe do it with one scene using Containers?
Asset Containers | Babylon.js Documentation

Here is the quick example -
Toggle Asset containers with any key press.
Actually in this example there is just one scene with two containers; if you need more you can add them through container.scene property.
If you are planning to use multiviews you may control cameras with container.cameras property.

Hi @Deltakosh and @labris

Thank you for the fast replies. I feel this approach is heading in the right direction but having looked at “asset containers” i feel this is still limited to a scene by scene basis.

Here is a quick PG to hopefully highlight what I’m trying to do.

You can see I’m using more than one scene to achieve this.

Here I have a split screen using “enableScissors” on the engine. (I will be animating the position of the split in a final draft). What I hope to achieve is to have one area of the engine show just a part of the model and the other area to show the whole model. But, I think that in this playground I am “loading” the model twice? When using ImportMesh?

By the way, wireframe isn’t necessary. I have just used this so you can see the split more clearly.

Correct. Not a bad thing per se (the browser network cache will make it almost transparent)

Would this be the same if there were more scenes like 4/5 on the same page?

The final output may have a .glb file that is quite large so I’m looking to optimise as much as I can.

Yes you will have multiple times in memory as scene are independent containers (hence my recommendation to use AssetContainer)

But from network side you should be covered

Can you share the containers across scenes?

e.g Add assets to container and then instead of addAllToScene() have a addToScene(scene)

or is there perhaps another way to get the scissor approach without using scenes?

Apologies for all the questions but I understand (as much as I can) the individual parts but just putting everything together for what I want is proving the more difficult part.

No unfortunately. Nothing can be shared between scenes (per design so you can delete a scene and be sure there is no leak)

scissor can happen anytime within the scene. YOu can turn it on and off per mesh if you want to (using mesh.onBeforeRenderObservable)

OK. Understood. Would it be ok to do something like this …

var container0 = new BABYLON.AssetContainer(scene0);
var container1 = new BABYLON.AssetContainer(scene1);

        function (meshes) {
            for(let i=0; i < meshes.length; i++){
                if(meshes[i].name === "wheel"){

and then I can still use the same 1 engine many scenes approach

Or have 1 scene and add all the meshes and then run

        var e = scene.getEngine();
        var w = e.getRenderWidth();
        var h = e.getRenderHeight();
        e.clear(scene0.clearColor, true, true, true);

Yes, and disable it on mesh.onAfterRenderObservable