My 3d cat cv game

I’d like to present to you my latest project, which was created using Babylon.js, of course. The game is designed to incorporate elements from my resume. I used the kinematic controller from Ammo.js for the physics (thank @Cedric for the help). There are still some bugs, but I’ll be working on fixing them soon.



This is an incredibly creative CV! I really like the industrial atmosphere, through if I may add some constructive criticism, I think the cat looks a bit big relative to the rest of the world, and it’s lacking shadows to help with depth perception. I also think holding and releasing space to jump is harder to use than jumping immediately when pressed, but that can be a matter of taste.

All in all, great work!

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My favorite worlds together “BJS & Cats”
This project is Catpproved by my colleague “Tigre”


Thank you for you reply, in fact i think too the control for the jump is quite difficult and yes cat is quite big compared to other object :slight_smile: will fix that

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