My game has a few bugs

Hello there,
I have been using the universal camera for quite a while and have started my game. After releasing my game to a few friends, they have realized that sensitivity is too high and the speed too. I have searched everywhere and come to notice that I should use
camera.speed =
However, that wont work and I havent found any solution for sensitivity. It would be kind if you help me out as I want my project to go on.

You can use touchAngularSensibility / touchMoveSensibility / angularSensibility / speed.

Let me know if that works and if not, do not hesitate to create a small repro (no need of the full game) so that we can check there.

it doesnt thats the problem

Could you share a repro of the problem ?

Do you have a repl account?

Could you repro in the instead ?

It would be great and simplify the troubleshoot process for the community. We do not need the full experience. just your basic camera setup and a couple cubes or spheres for instance.

it seems to work on the playground just not the place im hosting in it? Maybe because im using

idk also whats better colyseus or

I have found out about camera.inertia which works perfectly fine in the playground for the sensitivity. but still it doesnt work on where im hosting my code

This is really hard to troubleshoot without a repro, you should first ensure you are using the same babylon version (playground is using the latest from

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Hey there @Minilofe just checking in if you’re still having issues