Native WebGLTexture to babylonjs Texture

Hi There!
I am trying implement one library (GitHub - toji/web-texture-tool: Texture loading utility for WebGL and WebGPU) to my project. But the only thing is that the result of work of this package is WebGLTexture and i am trying to find a way how to create Texture object from it. I tried some thing with createRawTexture but it didn’t work our. Is there any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

I think @sebavan recently added something to support that

Yup you can use engine.wrapWebGLTexture or wrapWebGPUTexture to wrap an external texture into an internalTexture. Then you can create a texture from an internalTexture by passing it into the Texture constructor options.

That said what is the difference with the way Babylon is loading textures ? and is there anything we should improve ?

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Thank you so much!
Have to try it.

So i am just trying to make performance on my scenes a bit better so that’s why i am checking different solutions. I am not sure that it can load textures better than Babylon but want to try and see how it works.

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