Navigation plugin

Would be nice to be able to concatenate 2 (or more) navmesh data.
The idea would be to generate navmesh data for tiles then concatenate them according to coordinates.
Something like:

let tile1NavMeshData = navPlugin.createNavMeshData(tile1, navParams);
let tile2NavMeshData = navPlugin.createNavMeshData(tile2, navParams);
// where createNavMeshData would return an uint8array

Then when placing tiles we would do:

tile.clone().position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,0);
tile.clone().position = new BABYLON.Vector3(5,0,0);
tile.clone().position = new BABYLON.Vector3(10,0,0);

navPlugin.addFromTiledNavmeshData(0,0,0, tile1NavMeshData);
navPlugin.addFromTiledNavmeshData(5,0,0, tile2NavMeshData);
navPlugin.addFromTiledNavmeshData(10,0,0, tile2NavMeshData);

Generating navmeshes is pretty expensive, so this would ne a nice solution.
(i know we have buildFromNavmeshData but can be done for tiles?)
As i know @Cedric is working on the navigation plugin.

I have to check what’s possible with recast and multiple nav meshes.
I believe it’s possible to bridge between navmesh. Agent will teleport from 1 navmesh to the other.
Can you elaborate on your use case for that?
Usually, on the web, experiences with a navmesh have a moderate size and apart from obstacles, the need for dynamics and/or bigger environment is not common.