Need For Speed Style Racing System

Check out my latest demo/prototype for the Babylon Toolkit Racing System.

Using all native Ammo.js physics for driving mechanics:

  • Need For Speed Style Driving

    • Burnouts
    • Skidding
    • Donuts
  • Skill Based Driver AI

    • Uses same exact driving mechanics as manual steering
  • Driving Controls
    Acceleration/Braking/Reverse - Up And Down Arrows and WS Keys and Gamepad Triggers
    Steering - Left And Right Arrows and AD Keys and Gamepad Left Toggle stick Left and Right
    HandBraking - Space Bar and X Gamepad Button
    Donuts - Shift Button and B Gamepad Button (Hold Down During Burnout to Extend Into Donuts)

All made with the Babylon Toolkit Pro Edition

Check it out -

Note: Still early development stages. Working on pure Need For Speed Driving Mechanics For Both The Player and AI Driving :slight_smile:


It’s really excellent.

@MackeyK24 Just out of curiosity, What is the Babylon Toolkit Pro Edition?
is it this?

The Pro Edition is the new Upcoming Toolkit… GLTF 2.0 Based Exporter

Will have a Standard Edition (Fully Supports New GLTF 2.o Export and Script Components)

The Pro Edition is a Babylon Toolkit Addon os SDK’s i built to sell to take Months off you development time for Pro Type Features Like:

  • Pro Shaders SDK

  • Pro Physics SDK (Inluding Kinematic Character Controllers and Raycast Vehicle Controllers)

  • Pro Animations SDK (Featuing a Unity Like Animation State Machine for Animations including Transitions, Conditions And BlendTrees and Blend Shape Animations)

  • Pro Terrain SDK (Including Terrain Texture Atlases up to 64 x 512K splats, Exports Tree Instances, Billboard and LOD’s) … Still working on Grass and Detail Prototypes like scattered rocks

To Start…

Working hard to try and get out by Babylon.JS Version 4.1.0 :slight_smile:


How’s the pricing looking for that?? I’m interested for sure :grin: @MackeyK24

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I was thinking of selling my whole Pro Edition Addon With All The SDK’s
for 99 bucks per developer… Royalty Free to use in your commercial projects as well

Following The Unity Asset Store EULA. For purchasing and using Editor Tools from Asset Store is always per developer.

BTW… Using the toolkit … Anybody can start making tools and libraries for selling or for free and distribute them just like any other Unity Package (.unitypackage)… On the asset store or directly from seller… What ever the develop likes :slight_smile:

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Excellent !!! :heart:

Brilliant :sun_with_face:


Do I get a 50 cent kick per sale for my contribution?!?! lol jk great plan bro!

HAHAH ohh my I just did a lap and the AI yeeted the crap out of another one and sent him to the stratosphere.

I absolutely love this :smiley:
If the car wouldn’t launch in the air randomly ever so often then I could play this for hours <3

Seriously… this is a great demo! Reminds me of the games I played for weeks years ago…

Yeah I need to work on some kind of stabilizing force or something to dampen the contact response so the car don’t fly off when contacting each other at high speeds… Anybody got any ideas on that.

@JohnK and @Pryme8 you guys do physics… any suggestions

@MackeyK24 link me as soon as it’s available for purchase :grin: I’ll be one of the first to buy it. :heart:

Just so you know… That issue is not the toolkit or pro sdk… That is a issue with my physics driving and high speed contacts… Or just popping up in the air on the track when nothing else is around is an issue where in physics vehicle ray-casting … the contact normals for the mesh geometry dont go over that well when some parts of the geometry are not completely flat.

To handle this you need to store mesh normals on the btTriangleMesh and implement your own btStrideMeshInterface and ultimately your own vehicle ray-caster sub class so you can smoothly interpolate the mesh normal with the ray-cast hit contact normal.

I am working on this in the Bullet C++ Level. I created two new bullet classes:

btSmoothTriangleMesh to handle storing and accessing the mesh normals per vertex


btSmoothVehicleRaycaster - to handle casting with smooth interpolation of the mesh normals.

Hopefully i get working soon… But is real technical… But once i get working in the toolkit… It will never be a problem for any other toolkit developers… Which is kinda the point of the toolkit…

To provide AAA quality tooling, workflows and game mechanics for Babylon.JS


Sorry but my understanding of the physics engine does not reach a level to help you. In fact looking at your work you probably know more about it than me.

Is it a bug?


Or is it a feature?


Now I just need a way to use this elastic-band-overtake-opponent-with-wheelie feature while still driving on the race track instead of falling off the map… :racing_car::checkered_flag:



When does this happen???

Must be a bug …

If the car started falling thru ground or popped up really high in air while flipping … I can see it doing that… I don’t have any limit on the Y up movement of the tires… I will fix that later

for the cars launching like that, what are the mass values at work here? Which physics engine is this on again?

Using Ammo.js

The mass for the car :red_car: is set to 1720

Just got to hook it up to this and we’ll be all set.

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