Steerable Oimo Car!


So I finally got the car in a working state! WASD to move and steer. Instead of rotating the joints, it works by having 3 joints per wheel. 1 for left, right and straight, and swaps between them to turn. It’s kinda like a successor to @RaananW’s car (WebGL physics-based car using Babylon.js and Oimo.js)


Hi @Givo, unfortunately the car doesn’t seem to work for me? It just rolls slowly, and the WASD keys do nothing

Edit: it works when the code is showing but not in frame

Check the thread out for Need for speed style physics based driving

@Gijs I changed the event listeners to be bound to the canvas, but still no luck.
It works locally, though.

@MackeyK24 I saw your driving system, and it looks really cool! That makes another person making one. (Someone else on the forum was also). This project was a little break from my main one, Nyns. now how do I program rolling?

Some tweaking later and it is now fixed!



This is really great. It’s really getting there! I am following this thread now :slight_smile:

Nice! :smiley:

Recently I’ve started playing Trackmania again, and I might make a driving style like it. (In the original Trackmania, you’re front wheels don’t turn when turning. But the driving part feels great.)

Here is a speedrun of some Trackmania Original courses in the Trackmania United Forever engine.