Need help with my command line speed and odd git results

So I keep having really unpredictable behavior from my git stuff and command line.

For example all my builds for any projects take about 4-5 times longer then anyone else that I ever talk to. The other problem I am running into is like that my git commands sometimes are useless, like if I do a git pull from a gitlab repository I can almost guarantee it will not give me the correct files. I know its doing that because it will say I am up to date but then I will go and check the branch on through the DOM navigator and there will be whole files that I am missing same branch and supposedly up to date.

Ive noticed linting that slips though undetected, and quite a few times where I do a build I get no errors thing everything is honkey doory push it to a PR and find out that things that I thought were fixed or working are broken when someone else does a build.

Something is not right and it is driving me insane. I never had this problem on my laptop.

Any advice anyone? This is making me really kinda frustrated.

what are the specs of your computer? Did you try to wipe the folder completely ?

Yeah a lot of the time I have to delete the folder then reclone the repository to get back into a stable state.

Its kinda an old sandybridge i7 but it still does work so Im not sure why things are so slow.

Maybe its my Motherboard that is the throttle point?

Really really tempted to just go run to BestBuy or some crap and buy a $400 burner laptop just to develop stuff on.

Quite over this problem, its been about a year now.

omg Visual Studio just crashed during the build… thats new…

I feel like it could be a good investment :smiley:

I think that is what I am going to do…

Was really hoping to hold off doing a new PC build till the new NVIDIA cards came out, but I am nearly in tears from frustration at this point.

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I hear you. I’m waiting for the 3080 as well :smiley:

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Hewlett-packard, there’s your problem :wink: :smile: