Nested TransformationNode: weird defaults

Hello there,

I encountered a weird behaviour when trying to ‘chain’ multiple TransformationNode s. Normally a child would be expected to prepend the previous transformation matrices by default, but this is not true in my case. Not sure what I’m missing.

This is what I mean.

Uncomment line 14 and 15 and inspect the values on the ‘child transformation’ node.

I just picked up Typescript with zero js knowledge a couple of weeks ago, so please be somewhat beginner friendly when answering.



Hello and welcome!
No worries there is no stupid question here

There is a difference between .setParent() and .parent =
More info here: Use a Parent - Babylon.js Documentation

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Apparently I just decided to ignore the doc completely when I called setParent(). After looking through the source code, it makes sense now. Thank you.

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