.net and blazor support

as microsoft will shift .net6 and blazor to develop cross-platform app, and there is no 3d solution for that, will babylon official support .net6 or blazor?

This is more my personal opinion than the official stance of Babylon. And I can only assume that this is the official answer as well :wink:

Babylon will stick with typescript, as it proven to be a wonderful web-based language to build large-scale applications. Even more - Babylon native will allow you to compile typescript/javascript applications to native applications. So we are actually doing exactly the opposite - we make typescript the cross-platform language.

There seems to be a new cross-platform framework on a weekly base. They are addressing the needs for their communities (in this case the .net community). But we are a web community, and we (i hope) believe that the web should stay webby :wink:


Some enterprising folks have already taken the steps you’re looking for in this direction. Fortunately for all of us, they’ve also written and shared about those steps!