New experiment: Sunset in Sea (

Demo URL : Hitesh Sahu

I have optimized this experiment for Mobile devices. For full immersive experience use a desktop browser with speakers🎧

I Desktop have used ocean postprocessing & heightmap terrains to create a scene of sunset. For mobile, I have used Perlin Noise to create the ocean because of low frame rates with the shader. Use


Hey dude, this is awesome!

Did you use fast fourier transform for the ocean?
Runs pretty slow on desktop (not even fullscreen), I wonder whether it’s because of physics?
Can you share the code for the ocean shader and its implementation in Babylon? Would love to play with it. Should definitely be part of the Babylon shader library!


Hi Max,

Ocean Shader is now available as Post processing

   // Create ocean post-process
    var oceanPostProcess = new BABYLON.OceanPostProcess("Ocean", camera);

But I found that this shader is not that smooth especially on Mobile devices. So I have used time-dependent 2D Perlin noise to mimic ocean waves for mobile devices.

Looks cool! I get 3 fps on a chromebook.