Ocean node material

Hello! This is water shader that i created on BabylonJS NME. I want to say thanks for everyone who takes place in the development of BabylonJS because what you are doing is incredibly cool :slightly_smiling_face:.

playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#9B0DNU#36
material: https://nme.babylonjs.com/#3FU5FG#1


@PirateJC: do you mind keeping track of it? We could highlight it in a demo or on the 4.2 release video!

cc @PatrickRyan FYI

@simon do you mind if I tweet about it?

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Yes, sure))

@simon, that’s a node graph to be proud of! Nice work!

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@PatrickRyan Thanks a lot! it would be impossible to create without the Babylon team

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Holy Waterpark, Batman!




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This is INCREDIBLE! It blows all of my water work out of the water!!! (see what I did there? LOL)

Seriously incredible! I’d love to include this in our 4.2 release video if we have your permission @simon?



@PirateJC Thanks a lot! Yes, sure! :smiley:

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wow this is really well done.

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@simon: We had to introduce a change before the release (we moved the reflectivity block INSIDE the PBR block)

Do you mind doing a new version for us?

Don’t use your previous material because everything is lost in this one, you would have basically to redo everything!

Here’s the updated PG with the updated node material in which only some connections are missing (I think they are all near the end of the graph): https://playground.babylonjs.com/#9B0DNU#33

As explained by David, the PBR block has been redesigned a bit, notably there are now a metallic and roughness inputs which were previously inputs to a Reflectivity block that does not exist anymore.

So, some connections are now missing in this material, maybe you will be able to make the correction and make the material work again? That would be fantastic!

@Deltakosh, @Evgeni_Popov: Hi! I`ll try to recreate material today. Hope it will be easy))

@Deltakosh, @Evgeni_Popov: Succesful! Thanks for attention! ))


Fantastic! Thanks!!

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You are welcome!)

You rock buddy! thanks a lot

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Thanks for Babylon))!

omg. It’s beautiful ! Looking forward to more materials

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How did I miss this one :frowning: This is so cool

Can you merge this with your paralax example?