New Video Series: The Tech Artist's Journey

Hey Everyone,

I’m beyond excited to share a new video series with you that I’ve been working on for quite a while.

This new series is called “The Tech Artist’s Journey,” and it’s all about taking the poetic “road less traveled.” In this series I’ll take you on a crazy, twisty, curvy adventure into making this dancing morph target demo:

I like to think of this series similar to a hike through the woods. It’s not about taking the most direct path to get to this demo…it’s the opposite. In this series we’ll take the unexpected path, the goofy path, the beautiful path. I’ll do my best to introduce you to a bunch of new and crazy concepts and use those concepts to create a fun dancing morph target demo.

Our journey starts right here at the VERY beginning with Part 1:

I hope you enjoy coming along on this adventure with me!


I like how this is set up, there’s a lot of things I’d like to learn and that final product looks fun too.

I suggest putting chapters into the video so that we can find each lesson easily.

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