NinePatch does not respect the objects behind it?

So for some reason nine patch images clear out any context behind them, This makes things really weird when trying to add a dynamic border to a background.


Left is normal, right is nine patch.

I have tried all sorts of settings to get this to work. It used to not be like this so I’m not sure what changed?

It is due to your change nine patch overlap fix (#12464) · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@b28528f · GitHub

cc @carolhmj and @Deltakosh for what the expected behavior is ? I guess we should not clear the background ?

Dang, I never thought about that and totally forgot about making that fix. Yeah we should probably not be clearing it then it seems.


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Makes sense to not clear the bg, and it seems “wasteful” anyway since we’re going to draw over it anyway :thinking:

The problem is that causes artifacts. Which I remember now is why we were clearing it.

Im working on a fix now.

Got it.

That moment you discover a bug, then your buddy looks up git blame and it turns out its on you… o_O…

I feel like I’m losing my mind these days, woooosaaaaa.