NME blocks rewired when dragged

Heya, I’ve stumbled across an NME bug where a block is rewired while I’m just dragging the block. I created a GIF below to show what happens when I drag the Vector Splitter block down a bit in this simple material, but the bug has been hounding me all day in various materials, requiring me to keep fixing/rewiring the blocks.

You can try dragging the Vector Splitter block down until a wire turns yellow, then see if it gets rewired when you let go of the drag.


@Deltakosh just shipped a new feature for this :slight_smile: so I ll let him have a look as he understands way more than I do this area.

Oh yeah my bad! I need to tests dit the node was not wired before:)

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Here we are: Nme fix by deltakosh · Pull Request #12851 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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Hurray, tyvm! :beers: :slight_smile: