NME disconnects block when moving

I’ve created a video on this, you have to see it in motion:


There was no error in the console.

Guys, I couldn’t reproduce the error after I’ve refreshed the page, but maybe you will find out quickly, what could cause the problem.


Rats… I’m not able to repro either :frowning:

If I remember correctly, it has happened after I’ve connected the remap block.

EDIT: and there was a gradient block connected before. Didn’t see the source code, but I’m sure all connections/disconnections on all nodes are handled at one place, so it shouldn’t make difference. :slight_smile:

Yep even with that I cannot repro :frowning:

Ok, I will always record my screen when I’m working in the NME, so if it happens again, we can track back to the source. But I bet it will never happen again :smiley: :smiley:

Ok, I’ve catched one of the little bastards bugs :smiley:



@Evgeni_Popov do you mind having a look?

Sure, here’s a tentative PR: