NME - Bug causing inputs to be duplicated in the property sidebar on click

I spotted a minor visual bug that doesn’t seem to have an open issue on here or on github:

If I set an input, such as a float, the NME should add that float to the list of inputs in the properties sidebar only once. Inputs should not have duplicates in that panel.

What is currently happening: if I click anywhere within the main node editor area, other than a node, the component is being updated incorrectly and this is resulting in any inputs I have set being added again to the bottom of the input list. The entire component is not cleared and rerendered, React is trying to do it’s thing and intelligently update only the changed nodes, but this is resulting in a new DIV being continually added on each click for the same inputs that are already added to the list.

The input list component is rerendered after clicking on another node and then on the background again, so that resets the list properly. It is only when the component remains in the sidebar and I click on something other than a node that this duplication of inputs occurs. So this duplication is mainly noticeable when panning around.

I dont know React otherwise I would try to fix this myself. I know the basic premise of React, so my guess would be that the problem is either in the component itself in Babylon.js/propertyTabComponent.tsx at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub starting at line 243 or it is some problem with the way the global state is being updated via the “observable”.

I suppose I will have to learn React someday since everybody seems to be using it :laughing: but for now I thought I better just notify of the bug instead of breaking things.

Should I open an issue on Github for this?

I also have some ideas/opinions about UI improvements that I think would help the user experience. I will start a new topic on here to describe them.

I think this is something for @Deltakosh

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Thanks for the report :slight_smile: I’ll fix that asap

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Thanks for creating such amazing tools!

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